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Web Technology: fast and secure on your server or in the Cloud

As a software specialist for the healthcare sector we implement innovative web-based solutions and services around the central IT system – the Hospital information system (HIS) – and the cross-sector communication in hospitals.

On the market for Hospital information systems AMC has set new standards with the web-based system CLINIXX® and established itself through the use of flexible web technology as the nationwide first provider with great success.

AMC Web technologyYou get following advantadges with CLINIXX®:

  • Web based system, which is installed on your local Server in the hospital or in a Private Cloud
  • Pay per use: you pay for each patient case
  • Integrated physician portal for your parters
  • Best of breed software solutions with United Web Solutions for Healthcare
  • Secure data thanks to https encoding
  • Use on each mobile device

Read on the following pages more about us and the Hospital information system CLINIXX®.



  • Patient management

    Patient management

    The CLINIXX® module Patient Management offers management of patients with the standard procedures of admission, re-admission, transfer, discharge.

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  • Virtual Patient file

    Virtual Patient file

    The Virtual Patient File is a central component of CLINIXX® and allows all authorised users direct access to all available patient information at any time, for example, the master data and reimbursement payers as well as all medical information such as diagnoses, findings and, of course, seamless documentation of all services performed in the hospital.

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  • Ward workstation

    Ward workstation

    The CLINIXX® ward workstation provides a graphic ward overview which corresponds to the true ward plan. Current bed scheduling is displayed with bed occupancy and utilisation as well as future planning.

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  • Physician workstation

    Physician workstation

    Following the admission of a patient, the physician records the medical history and the findings on admission by using the Physician Workstation module. Appointments for examinations and therapies can be made and medical services can be planned and documented. The work of the medical staff is supported by adaptable work / To-Do lists, a To-Do history and a journal (history).

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  • Nurse workstation

    Nurse workstation

    The continuity of treatment is also supported at the Nurse Workstation by automatically providing patient-relevant information for nursing as well as a structured overview of already performed or still planned measures.

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  • Order, report communication & appointment management

    Order, report communication & appointment management

    The order and report communication integrated in CLINIXX® allows patient-oriented order management for all service departments, such as laboratory, surgery, radiology, physiotherapy etc.

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  • Surgery management

    Surgery management

    CLINIXX® surgery planning enables scheduling in the operating theatres and the preselection of personnel, equipment, material, etc. These are automatically transferred to the surgery documentation.

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  • Medical documentation

    Medical documentation

    The CLINIXX® system offers specific specialist modules with information, documentation, statistics and billing features.

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  • Texting doctor's letters

    Texting doctor's letters

    Standard office applications (f.e. Microsoft Word) are integrated seamlessly into the system for easy and quick generation finding reports and doctor's letters.

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  • Physician portal

    Physician portal

    Based on the premise of integrated healthcare, communication with external partners in the treatment chain is gaining in significance.

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AMC Advanced Medical
Communication Holding GmbH

Ballindamm 5
20095 Hamburg

Fon: +49 (0)40 - 244 227 0
Fax: +49 (0)40 - 244 227 20

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.amc-gmbh.com

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